Maurin- psychometric whose powers focus in on the past rather than the present. She can follow memory links left behind in a person's fingerprints and see what they did. SPTF (see below) discovered her ability and brought her in to work as an Interrogator. She has closed more cold case files and gotten more confessions than any other person in the department. She spent a good part of her life straddling the line between Norms and Others- never really fitting in either until her work with SPTF. But there's more to Maurin than just her psychic gifts, not to mention why she has them in the first place. 

The Maurin Kincaide Series

Courtesy of Midnight Crew Studios!

Aidan- Vampire, known as the Cleaner, when a vampire falls under the blood lust or misbehaves the Council sends him in. Trained as an assassin, his good looks and Irish charm are almost as deadly as his fighting skills.

Cash- recent transplant to Salem from Boston. Alpha through and through he has his sights set on being top dog in the Salem Pack.

Amalie- spunky little witch, Maurin's closest friend. When she's not training in the magical art of healing, she's working at the Daily Grind coffee house.

Arawn-lord of the Otherworld realm Annwn and Cwn Annwn- ethereal dogs associated with the Wild Hunt they seek out the guilty and avenge the innocent.

Conry- a gift from Arawn and Maurin's guardian. He is an ethereal dog able to shift between forms of a nearly invisible specter and a massive white dog similar to a great dane- just bigger.

Massarelli- not a bad detective or interrogator but not a great one either, he works hard to hide his prejudices about Others from his teammates but Maurin sees right through him.

The Council- governing body of Others, three chairs on the Council and no more than one chair can be held by any one group of Others at a given time. Vampires and Weres have always held a seat on the Council, being the most dominate and public of Others. The witches and fae have fought for centuries over control of the third seat.

The Coven- Mahalia, High Priestess of the Salem Coven, has amassed a powerful group of witches- ensuring that the group is well balanced in offensive and defensive magic. They do not practice the dark arts or blood magic.

SPTF- Salem Preternatural Task Force, works directly with the Council to solve crimes involving the Others. Maurin was lead interrogator for three years. 

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