Spin Off and Stand Alone Books

A Soul To Keep

A Department of Soul Acquisitions Novella (Jax Rhodes world spin off)

Reapers always play for keeps.

Reap what you sow. That's been Angelica Wright's motto since joining the Department of Soul Acquisitions as a Reaper. It's served her well over the years, a reminder the mortals who end up in her case files sealed their fate when they signed their deal with the Devil. Reapers have one job - collecting souls - and Angelica is good at her job.

And then a Necromancer moves into town and takes up collections of his own. Competition is good for business but there's just one problem - the souls are innocents - and that just wont' do.

Thrust into a partnership with Jackson Reed, the silver-tongued seller of salvation who's been on her tail and poaching her collections, Angelica has her hands full.

In order to chase down the Necro, she'll have to work with the Sin Eater who's been chasing after her for months or the Reaper may end up reaped herself....

Top 25 finalist in the ScreenCraft 2019 Cinematic Book Contest!

Rotten Luck

A Lucky Jones Novel (stand alone)

A perpetually unlucky girl, a brooding vampire hunter, and an influx of rogue vampires... What could possibly go wrong?

After her best friend is murdered by a rogue, Lucky Jones enlists in a vampire hunting organization hoping for revenge—regardless the cost.

The training program is rigorous, and the man training her is...distracting. But Lucky can’t allow for distractions. Not when she only has one month to develop her skills before she’s faced with the test that will determine her fate as a vampire hunter.

If she fails, the Organization will wipe her mind. Without her memories, Lucky will be left with nothing, and the rogue who killed her friend will continue to feed.

Sherri 2.0

Horror/Sci-Fi Short (Stand Alone)

Genius can be horrifying...

Joseph thought he created the perfect woman. The first of her kind. And she was his. There was just one problem.

Sherri had other plans.